However unbelievable it may seem, it is time for the 16th international percussion festival. The festival that started in 2007 as the only festival of its kind is still the only international percussion festival in Slovenia. 

Who would have thought that this was going to happen? The beginnings were difficult. In a way, the organisers themselves made the beginnings difficult, as the first BUMfest lasted 5 days. That meant a lot of work for a small team and the festival was relatively poorly visited. Well, who could have sold out the concert hall in Žalec with 420 seats for five days in a row? We didn’t give in and realized that three festival days should be enough and this is how it is today. The breakthrough came with the 5th BUMfest. It was completely sold out concerts that made us think. We couldn’t stop here. The festival was finally embraced by its visitors. Today visitors from all parts of Slovenia come to Žalec. Without a doubt we can say it is the most popular and established international festival in this part of Slovenia. BUMfest spreads good vibrations. Even the most demanding visitor is lifted by the power of the rhythm. Percussion music is a source of endless energy. A mixture of cultures on the stage makes the event unforgettable. 

We can be proud. Many towns that are bigger than Žalec would want to host such a great festival. The festival’s success proves that one can experience a breakthrough with a good idea in a small city as well. And reach beyond the borders. Not just many happy, but also many surprised music guests prove that. I am grateful to each and every one of all who have performed at BUMfest in all these years and who have written a story of success. I am also proud that the Slovenian President Borut Pahor accepted our invitation to be an honorary patron of the 10th edition of BUMfest last year. For the organisers this is an important recognition. 

This year’s selection of festival programe is broad. We wanted to offer you as much as possible. Each evening musicians from different parts of the world will share the stage. You will hear and see the music that will make you laugh and you will also experience classical percussion music. There will be something for every taste. 

I would like to thank the Municipality of Žalec and the Mayor Janko Kos for their help throughout the years. Further, I would like to thank the Žalec Institute of Culture, Sport and Tourism, its director Boštjan Štrajhar and his team as well as the percussion group SToP for their support in organisation. I thank the Ministry of Culture and all volunteers who love taking part in creating BUMfest and all the other who have helped in any kind of way. All in all, I would like to thank the audience. Not every festival has such a loyal audience as BUMfest. It is what we are really proud of. We have reached the number 16. You will decide if this is enough or should there be more. 

Dejan Tamše, festival's art director 

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Dejan Tamše


Friday, 19.1.2024 at 10 a.m.   Matinee for Schools: Louie's Cage Percussion – Austria
Friday, 19.1.2024 at 6 p.m.
  Opening ceremony and evening concert with guests and surprises
Louie's Cage Percussion – Austria & guests

Saturday, 20.1.2024 at

  Evening concert: Simantra Grupo de Percussão - Portugal & guests
Sunday, 21.1.24 at 11 am   Family concert: StoP Slovenian Percussion Project